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   Noah McCallum was seven years old when he appeared in a human interest photo that ran in the local newspaper. The picture captioned The Boy Who Dances With Monkeys, went viral when Noah's mother Vivi, and her friend Jenna Simon, who snapped the picture, were found brutally murdered days later. While some speculated that Noah may have witnessed the crime, a traumatic brain injury weeks later compromised his already fragile memories.


   Twenty-five years later, journalist Ava Watson is investigating the murders of her Aunt Jenna and Noah's mother. When Ava meets Noah, she soon finds that his over protective step-grandmother and her secretive staff won't make it easy for her to question Noah alone. In order to solve the murders, Ava needs to isolate Noah and help him discover the dark tragic secrets deeply hidden in the shadowy corners of his mind. The problem is there are too many others who would prefer that those memories never surface.


Cal Weatherby became profoundly despondent after his nine year old adopted son Ben was abducted, and never found. On the same day, an airplane Cal owned was lost on a mission of mercy with six of his friends on board. Twenty-three years later, wreckage from the plane is discovered on a previously uncharted island. Cal races there hoping to find survivors only to discover seven graves and a mysterious young man he believes is Ben. Though Cal recovers his son, Ben has changed from the troubled child to a paranoid young man who is clearly out of touch with reality. Cal believes that fear and isolation have altered Ben’s perceptions. Soon Cal is forced to admit that his own memories of the past are flawed and the deadly truths are hidden somewhere . . . In The Shadow Of The Mind’s Eye

Living In The Shadows


After an emotional breakdown and months of intense therapy, Cal Weatherby joins a Grief Support Group. He’s reached a point where he can finally accept the fact that his adopted son, Ben, who was kidnapped twenty-three years before, is dead…until another member of the group insists that Ben is still alive…and he has proof.


Wanting to believe his son was not murdered, but fearing he may be slipping into another delusion, Cal keeps silent about his hopes while he begins a secret investigation into the background of Brody Jacobs.


Is Brody Cal’s long lost son or simply a cleaver opportunist working his way into Cal’s heart? When terrifying evidence from the past emerges it becomes evident that new deadly dangers are…


                              Living In The Shadows

The reading of Cal Weatherby’s will is disrupted when his ex-wife, Olivia, announces she intends to contest the document on behalf of Cal’ s only biological child, a daughter, he knew nothing about. By shrewd manipulation, Olivia discredits Cal’s adopted heir, Ben, not only intending to deny Ben access to his rightful inheritance, but also to gain control of the entire Weatherby Empire for herself.

While Ben and his friends struggle to keep Weatherby holdings intact and adhere to Cal’s wishes, Olivia makes bold plans to dismantle the fortune it took generations to assemble. But Olivia isn’t content to simply seize Cal’s assets. She won’t be satisfied until she completely destroys Cal’s reputation as well.
Ben realizes he can’t only save himself. He needs to protect Cal’s daughter, Kalie, from Olivia’s evil threats, as well as redeem Cal’s good name and rescue his father’s legacy from Olivia’s greedy clutches. While struggling to keep one step ahead of Olivia’s vengeful plots, a curious stalker pursues Ben, making his objective even more challenging.

Mystery and adventures abound in this final chapter of the Shadow Trilogy…

Rising From The Shadows.


Ty Attwood's entire life had consisted of lies and deceptions. His very existence came about by a catastrophic laboratory explosion when a series of experiments were contaminated. The handful of people who knew about Ty had kept his secrets since the waning days of WWII. 

In the new millennium, Ty runs the risk of having his real identity exposed, and his mutations exploited by enemies from decades before who wish to share his powers of endless youth and spontaneous healing. 

All of Ty's lies and secrets catch up to him in ...

                                      The Vitruvian Deceptions

Belligosian ebook cover.jpg

Architect, Wyatt McGowen gets more than he bargains for when he converts an abandoned amusement park into an exclusive retirement community. His haunted dreams become terrifying reality when he is abducted as the project nears completion. A shrouded past, a secret society, and a mysterious compound come together to threaten him and all he loves. 

The Belligosian Prodigals 

When Kerry Grayson inherited the estate that's been in his family for eight generations, he knew it was haunted. He also knew about the graveyard next door and the effigy mound out back. What he was not prepared for were the spirits of a Native American Shaman and an Egyptian sorcerer in the mound, or the Galaxy Lord in the attic.

Speak of the Dead

No man is ever wise by chance. ~ Seneca
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