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Welcome to my book gallery. Please feel free to browse and become acquanted with my characters and stories.

Then Home I’ll Be


When wealthy Moriah Wyndham discovers she’s dying, she hires Private Investigator Grant Sanderson to find the son she gave up for adoption twenty-eight years before. She had handpicked an older couple to raise her child, believing he would have the perfect life. Grant soon finds that Moriah’s dreams have gone terribly wrong and her adorable infant grew up to be a killer.


Meanwhile, RT Williams is living in a boarding house, working in a hardware store, raising a little girl who isn’t his, and trying to forget his troubled youth. When Grant shows up revealing that RT’s biological mother would like to meet him, and is willing to pay for his time, RT reluctantly agrees. He can use the cash. RT didn’t anticipate that he’d actually like his mother, or that he’d begin to have strong feelings for Darcy, his mother’s personal assistant.


Just when RT is trying to figure out how he’s going to juggle his complicated real life with Moriah’s opulent world, his stormy past catches up with him, ending in tragedy.



Juneberry and the Tall Dark Stranger


Ira Dylan was born with two strikes against him. He was deaf and an orphan. By the time he was five years old, he had an adoring adopted father who found a new surgical procedure which made it possible for young Ira to hear.


More than anything, Ira wanted to be a writer like his father, famed novelist, TD Sloane. He pursued a career in journalism, instead of fiction, and discovered he had the knack for writing human interest stories. His column Have you heard about . . .? was going into national syndication when he learned about June McIver, a possible subject for a story.  He is fascinated by the middle aged neo-natal nurse, who was born deaf and soon discovers that June was the first person to undergo the then experimental procedure that granted both of them the power to hear. That wasn’t the only thing Ira and June shared in common.


Before long, June reveals her story of the Tall Dark Stranger. Ira sets out to do a routine interview and ends up with a tale that changes his life forever.


                               Secrets of Dragon Back Ridge                               

When Eli Prescott applies for a promotion to get better health insurance for his ailing sister, he soon discovers how vindictive office politics can get. He knows his background won't hold up to vigorous scrutiny, but he has some allies to help. When he loses the position he hoped for, he discovers something even better ... acceptance from the family of his biological father.

But Eli soon learns that past mistakes and family secrets can be more dangerous than office politics. They can be deadly.

Voices In The Mirror

Seven-year-old Kole led an idyllic life as the son of world renowned magician, Maksim the Magnificent, and Lynnette Gorman Makarios, an heiress to the Gorman Games fortune. This all ended the night Nikolas’ parents and baby sister died when their villa was destroyed by a massive explosion. Kole survived with only fragmented memories of the event, a mysterious globe shaped puzzle box (the last gift he ever received from his father), and the memory of voices in the mirror that warned him of dangers to come.


Twenty-five years later, Kole is a gifted software designer for Gorman Games, and a low ranking member of the Brotherhood, a clandestine organization which gathers, analyses, and disseminates highly classified intelligence. When an attempt is made on Kole’s life, painful memories return to him. Soon he discovers the current threat to his life is somehow connected to the murders of his family…and the contents of the strange globe puzzle box.


Can Kole uncover the truth about his troubled past before the killers strike again?

Jude C.jpg
Hello My Name Is Jude
Nine-year-old Jude was the son of Mason Legend, the wealthy owner of the Legend Resort Hotels. But a court mandated visitation to a grandmother he'd never met sent the boy on a twenty year odyssey that changed his life forever. Jude lost his family and his identity. He became Max Angeles and his only link to his former life was a well-worn name tag that read . . .
Hello My Name Is Jude
While working at the new Imperial Legend Resort, twenty-nine-year-old Max is reunited with his family, but they don't recognize him. When Mason discovers the name tag, he becomes enraged. He fires Max, denounces him as a fraud and takes a restraining order out against him. Max realizes he'll never be able to reclaim his past so he tries to start over again . . . there's just one problem. On the day young Jude was separated from his family, he was targeted by a serial killer. Though the murderer was caught and imprisoned, his accomplice is still at large, and once again he's got his sights on Jude.
Jude escaped death once . . . can he do it again?

The Guardian's Christmas Confession 

After dying on Omaha Beach on D-Day, Gabriel Canfield believes no one should be alone when they die, so he becomes a Guardian of Transitions in the Afterlife.

For seventy-fie years as a Guardian Spirit, Gabriel remains frustrated and embittered until he is called upon to help an old priest crossover on Christmas Eve. In the hours spent reminiscing with Farther Drew, Gabriel finds a new appreciation for his own life.

A heartwarming story about a restless spirit who discovers the meaning of life... in the Afterlife. 

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