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Architect, Wyatt McGowen, gets more than he bargains for when he converts an abandoned amusement park into an exclusive retirement community. His haunted dreams become terrifying reality when he is abducted as the project nears completion. A shrouded past, a secret society, and a mysterious compound come together to threaten him and all he loves. .

The Belligosian Prodigals 

Speak of the Dead

When Kerry Grayson inherited the estate that's been in his family for eight generations, he knew it was haunted. He also knew about the graveyard next door and the effigy mound out back. What he was not prepared for were the spirits of the Native American Shaman and the Egyptian Sorcerer in the mound, or the Galaxy Lord in the attic.  

Change your thoughts and you change your world. ~ Norman Vincent Peale

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