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P.L. Klein

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  I'm not where I was and I'm not where I'll be, but I'm definitely on my way. ~ Unknown









Welcome to my website. I'm so pleased you've taken the time to stop by, and hope you'll return often.


I've been writing since 2010, and learning so many new things about story-telling and publishing. It's a great time to be a writer.

While my website is designed to showcase my stories, it also shows some of the events I've attended as well as some of the amazing authors and friends I've met along the way. Please check out my MEMORIES page to see if you recognize anyone there. I also love to travel and will continue to add new pictures to my PHOTO GALLERY. Any updates will pop up on the NEWS AND EVENTS page. 


So stop by often and tell your friends.



                                 P.L. Klein,    Author

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The doors of wisdom are never shut ~ Benjamin Franklin
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